Celestial Medlar


The Celestial Medlar - a sinister time-travelling magician! 


Based on the Escape Room principle, this activity is designed to accommodate between 20 and 40 people and provides a unique journey through history in a thrilling adventure. Your group will be divided into four teams and then they will be pitched against one another with the task of completing a series of puzzles in the quickest time. Each team will have to visit four rooms within Oliver Cromwell’s House and work out the puzzles that when put together, will give you your ultimate answer. Your challenge is to complete the assignment before any of the other teams.


Complete with an awards ceremony at the end, this fun activity takes approximately 90 minutes and is priced at £25 per person. The event can be undertaken after 5.30 pm on a day of your choice, subject to availability.


Please call us on 01353 662062 if you are interested in booking this 'Escape Room' using the whole house, it's ideal for Corporate Team Building !