What is the theme?

The current theme of this fun packed immersive adverture is set around the disappearance of Cornelius Chadwick. It's 1910 and the Vicar of St Mary's Church has rented out the Tithe Room of the Vicarage to his dear friend, Cornelius Chadwick. After a few weeks, he mysteriously disappears and the poor Vicar is deeply troubled! Come and hunt for clues, solve the puzzles and try and locate the enigmatic Cuator - but you only have 60 mins to work out exactly where he's disappeared too.


How will I know when the 60 minutes are up?

A clock will be in the room to count you down and a large dong will sound after exactly 60 minutes.


Who is it aimed at?

Anybody! The game is meant to be a bit of fun, but of course there is a competitive element to it and many groups are avid Escape Room fans. Due to the degree of difficulties in solving the puzzles, we have found that it most suits 13 year olds and above. However, it isn't a problem if younger children are part of an older group as with assistance they will still be able to participate and enjoy the experience. However, we do ask that a parent stays with any groups that is soley made up with under 16 year olds. This is an ideal alternative for celebrating a birthday, hen/stag event or anniversary or simply an excuse to get a gang of friends or family members together to share an experience and a memory.


Do I need to be brainy to take part or do some revision before hand?

No specified level of intelligence or knowledge is required.  Just a sense of fun, a love of playing games and solving mysteries. 



The escape room is accessible via two steps. If you feel negotiating these steps may be a problem, please contact us to discuss.


How many people does a session hold?

In order to gain the most from the experience, we recommend a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 although we have had 2 people do it and have gone up to 9 people on occasions. Regardless of the numbers the price is costed per session.  The sessions are booked as a group and therefore no-one else will be in the room with you, other than those you invite.


Could this be an ideal corporate/team building exercise?

Most certainly. Corporate sessions can be arranged at a date and time convenient to you, please enquire for details. We can also provide add ons such as refreshements or tours of Oliver Cromwell's House to increase your experience.  If you have more than 8 people wishing to participate then we can offer alternative games experience so that both groups are entertained.


What if we don’t get out?

Oh dear, never mind, we will let you out and you can talk amongst yourselves afterwards and decide whose fault it is! 


Do I need to wear anything in particular or bring anything with me?

No special clothing or equipment is required.  You will not be expected to crawl into tunnels or climb ladders.  It is a mental not a physical activity and therefore please feel free to wear exactly what you would like.  Everything you need to escape is inside the room itself.  We ask you not to use your mobile devices and to have them on silent so as not to distract you.


Am I really locked in the room?

Actually no but we don’t like to ruin the illusion! You are able to exit the room at anytime if for example you are feeling unwell.  A webcam is in operation throughout your time in the “locked room” so that staff can come in if there is an emergency but also for the security and protection of the room and its contents. No material is recorded or viewed by anyone else although for corporate or educational sessions a recording can be made if requested.

Can I do it again?

Well not the same one as you will obviously know the clues, unless you have a really, really bad memory.  However, we will be changing the game on a regular basis, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter so you will be the first to hear when we will be bringing a new room out. To join our mailing list and find out about other activities based at Oliver Cromwell's House and events in the area please click here.